What’s inside? (Photo: Junk Food Living/Flickr)

On a Friday night, Mike Vegas, a bartender in California, ordered from Domino’s—pizza and wings for dinner. He accepted the delivery, ate a slice of pizza, and put the rest in the fridge for safekeeping, he told ABC7. After a long night at work, he came home and, at 5 a.m., opened the box of wings. But instead of food, he found this:


When you order Dominoes Pizza and instead of wings you get cash.....#doihavetogiveitback #ihavetotakeitback #karmatest #dominoespizza

Posted by Mike Vegas on Saturday, September 19, 2015

The two bundles of cash added up to $1,300. The delivery person had put the money in the box for safekeeping, only to accidentally hand it to Vegas. “I wanted to keep it, believe me,” he told ABC7. “But I can’t, I can’t do that.” 

With a news crew in tow, he returned the money to the Domino’s branch. On camera, the shop’s general manager promised that Vegas would get free pizza—for an entire year. 

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