That's definitely not garbage.
That’s definitely not garbage. Delrayo Goodman/Facebook

After one Long Island woman accidentally tossed out $5,000 in cold, hard cash, a group of heroic sanitation workers went dumpster diving to fish it back out, according to NBC 4 New York.

Bayban Nadalall had put her $5,000 mortgage payment in an envelope to be delivered, but at some point she confused it with a piece of garbage and threw the envelope away. Luckily, when she discovered her error, she was able to contact her son Krishna, who works in sanitation, asking him what she should do. Krishna then sprang into action.

Along with three of his fellow sanitation workers, they traced his mother’s trash to a local transfer station. There they dumped out a huge pile of garbage, and got to digging. Miraculously, they actually found the envelope and were able to return it with only $40 missing, which had fallen out on the ride.

In a video of the scene, shared by NBC, Bayban can be seen counting out her bills on the back of her car, looking stunned. She offered a reward to the men who found the money, but they refused.