Off the coast of Turkey, divers found the ghost of a shape—translucent, dotted with spots of light. They were 22 feet deep, but the thing they had found was around 13 feet in diameter. It felt “very soft,” one diver wrote to Deep Sea News.

The divers posted their video of the glowing sphere, and online, they found an answer about what they’d seen. It was probably, said Michael Vecchione, a cephalopod expert at the Smithsonian Institute, a mass of squid eggs—one of the largest ever recorded.

Squid usually lay their eggs deeper in the ocean than humans regularly venture. So there may be many more giant, shining masses of eggs out there in the ocean—It’s just that we rarely see them.

Another squid species’ egg mass (Image: Escanez A, Riera R, González A, Sierra A/Wikimedia)

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