It swims, too. (Photo: Warut Sirwut)

The species of giant centipede that scientists discovered in southeast Asia is eight inches long, carnivorous, and amphibious. It’s venomous, too, and if it’s bite is anything like the bite of its kin, it could fill a human limb with pain for days. No permanent damage though.

The centipede is the first ever discovered that prefers to live in water. National Geographic interviewed an entomologist who found one specimen, and he told them that the first time he tried dropping one in water:

It immediately dove to the bottom and swam powerfully like an eel, with horizontal undulations of its body. When he took the centipede out of the container, the water rolled off its body, leaving it totally dry.”

These centipedes have been found in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. While they’re one more reason to be wary about going in the water, they’re also an incredible creature we had no idea existed. You can pick how you want to feel about it: new wonder of the world or terrifying monster. 

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