The object in question (Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority/Facebook)

A few months back, a maintenance worker was in an old building in a Jerusalem cemetery and spotted an abandoned package in the structure. Naturally, the person called the cops, the Jerusalem Post reports. But once they determined the package wasn’t a bomb, they were confronted with a greater mystery: what in the world was the golden thing inside?

Almost a foot long and weighing about 19 pounds, the wand had knobs on either end and rings around its bulbous center. For months, the Israel Antiquities Authority puzzled over it. Was it old? Was it new? What was it? 

Finally, this week, the government agency threw the question to the masses of Facebook. And in short order, the object was identified as a gilded Isis beamer—a New Age tool that’s sold by a German company. It comes in sizes large and small, and is meant to “strengthen the body’s own energy field” and also harmonize radiation or other energy fields. According to the company that makes it, about 25,000 have been sold. 

It may not be an ancient treasure, but it’s valuable to someone. A large one of these things retails for more than $400.

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