When you let the voting public name your boat it’s probably going to be named Boaty McBoatface, but if you’re lucky it’ll get named after a ’90s grunge band, and if you are even luckier that band will actually show up to christen the boat. Such was the case for the research vessel SoundGuardian, which GeekWire reports was recently launched with the blessing of the band Soundgarden.

The SoundGuardian is an environmental research vessel that is going to monitor the waters of the Puget Sound. It is replacing a previous boat that had been doing similar work since 1977. The vessel will be essential in monitoring the quality of the waters near and around the Seattle area, and look out for any possible environmental hazards.    

The name was decided by a popular vote in January, beating out two other less rocking names, Cascadia and SeaKing. And when the boat officially launched on Wednesday, some of the members of the band were on hand for the maiden voyage. Drummer Matt Cameron and guitarist Kim Thayil stood on the deck, and poured some champagne in honor of the ship’s inauguration. Notably absent was lead singer Chris Cornell, who may have been unable to escape the gravity of a black hole sun.