A beach in New Zealand was given to the public after a crowdfunding campaign with almost 40,000 donors raised $1.7 million to purchase it from its businessman owner, according to the BBC.

The campaign was also successful in thwarting the purchase of part of the beach from another wealthy businessman; instead the 17-acre site will become part of the surrounding national park. 

The Awaroa beach is located inside Abel Tasman National Park, on the north end of the country’s South Island. (Tasman, a Dutch explorer, was the first Western explorer to reach New Zealand and Tasmania, his namesake.)

The beach’s previous owner had agreed to sell should the crowdfunding campaign come up with the money, and, after less than four weeks, the campaign achieved its goal in February. 

After a handover on Sunday, the beach is now accessible to anyone willing to fly, boat, or trek to its sands. 

So, have at it. Well done, New Zealand.