Police in Phoenix, Arizona, are on the hunt for a strange sort of stolen property: an eight-piece, 180-foot, multicolored inflatable obstacle course.

In photos, it looks like a pretty solid challenge—ramps, tunnels, slides, and plenty of things to clamber over. One section contains some kind of yellow monster with a blue hat.

“It’s the only one in Arizona and [is] valued at $35,000,” Phoenix Patch reports.

Thieves nabbed the massive toy from a commercial yard sometime between Sunday and Monday. They also stole the red trailer used to cart it around.

If you’re in the area and feeling that vigilante spirit, keep your eyes peeled for a trailer with Arizona plate 7A7D1, stacked with rolled-up tarpaulin. Or just look for a massive, unauthorized great time going on in someone’s backyard. As Sgt. Vince Lewis told ABC 15, “This particular item is going to be difficult to hide.”

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