The Expedition 53 crew, clad in excellent matching shirts.
The Expedition 53 crew, clad in excellent matching shirts. NASA, Public domain

Who says pizza night can’t exist in space? The astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station beg to differ. A video released Saturday by NASA shows the Expedition 53 crew chowing down on homemade pizzas that they made in microgravity*.

Pizza night came at the behest of Expedition 53 crew member Paolo Nespoli, who missed pizza so much that he brought it up during an ISS live event. His boss then surprised the astronauts with pizza ingredients.

Reheating and rehydrating food has been a staple of space missions for decades. (The Mir Space Station Dining Table came with built-in slots where cosmonauts could heat up tins of food). Preparing food, though, presents more of a challenge: You can’t put ingredients or utensils down in zero gravity; they will float away.

While putting meals together from scratch is more complicated in space, the crafty astronauts Velcroed all the pizza fix-ins to the table. And while they still had to catch their dinner in the air, they managed to re-define the art of spinning pizza dough.

*Correction: This post previously stated that that the astronauts made pizza in zero gravity. They made pizza in microgravity.

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