Did I mention Hillary, the powersuit boutique next to the Bill Clinton statue? #pristina

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Throughout the long primary campaign, Hillary Clinton supporters have proven to be extremely sartorially dedicated, turning up to canvass in hand-knit Hillary jumpers and pantsuits emblazoned with the candidate’s face.

Four thousand miles away in Kosovo, though, Clinton devotees can dress like their heroine every day of the year. That’s thanks to the Hillary boutique—a shop smack in the middle of the capital city, Pristina, and filled wall to wall with tasteful trouser suits.

Shop owner Elda Morina-Ymeraga sees the American Secretary of State and presidential candidate as both a role model and a style icon. “She is not only a person who, with her family, has helped Kosovo enormously… she also has unique taste in clothing,” Morina-Ymeraga told Agence France-Presse on a recent visit. “This was why we started to promote Hillary’s style in Kosovo, offering clothes to women that are identical to those worn by Hillary.”

Kosovo has been full of Clinton fans since the late 90s, when President Bill launched NATO air strikes that drove Serbian troops out of the city. Morina-Ymeraga’s father first opened the boutique in 2002, and it quickly became a go-to spot for Kosovo professionals—and international tourists, who sometimes stop by after visiting a nearby statue of a waving Bill. There is also a sister shop, Hillary 2.

AFP describes the store as full of “sharp suits, bright blouses, and elegant dresses.” As of a 2015 VICE News visit, the most sought-after item was a beige pantsuit. Clinton herself visited the shop in 2010, and was gifted a navy-blue ensemble.

Recent customers were duly inspired. One cited her work ethic and competence, another Kosovo’s own strive towards gender parity.

A third was slightly more practical: “If (Clinton) can successfully run all of her campaign wearing the same style of outfit throughout, why would I not do the same while running my business?” She had come to the right place.

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Update 4/26: The sentence regarding Serbian troops in Kosovo has been altered slightly.