The citizens of Hull, in northern England, have been treated to a scent-free, hypoallergenic springtime treat. Earlier this week, 1,700 Lego daffodils sprouted in King Edward Square, a park in the city center, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

Bright yellow, tall, and studded with those trademark knobbly bits, the proud flowers are popular with visitors and residents, who have been posting a heck of a lot of selfies with them. 

The fake field is by master builder Duncan Titmarsh, who heads up the Lego design firm Bright Bricks, and whose previous work includes a giant jet engine, a frighteningly large toothbrush, and a 40-foot Christmas tree. It took 146,400 bricks to make the flowers, which went up in honor of Hull’s “City of Culture 2017” event.

The daffodils will be taken down on Tuesday, April 18th. Presumably, their parts will then be disassembled, and combined into something fresh and new—just as if they were real.

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