A mosaic from Pompeii of a similarly doomed dog.
A mosaic from Pompeii of a similarly doomed dog. Marie-Lan Nguyen/Public Domain

Another victim of the fires of ancient Rome has finally been unearthed, and this time it was a just a poor little doggie.

While work continues on Rome’s new subway extension, workers continue to find a wealth of archaeological wonders, including the remains of a canine that seems to have perished in a fire around 1,800 years ago. According to the Associated Press, the remains of the dog were actually discovered in May, but the findings were just released.

The dog’s bones were found in a crouching position in a scene that the officials compared to Pompeii, which was famously destroyed after Mount Vesuvius erupted. The pup perished within a structure that is thought to have been either a wealthy citizen’s home, or a barracks that was found during digging in 2016. The remains of the dog were found near a doorway.

Authorities also found a table leg, a small table, and a wall covered in frescos, all of which are well-preserved, having been hardened by fire. Together, the scene provides researchers with a good look at the domestic layout of the time. Even if the tale it is telling is a bit sad.