Trollpikken, which Google translates as “Troll the cock,” was a rock formation in Eigersund, Norway, about 200 miles southwest of Oslo. The rock, you’ll notice, resembled a penis.

But on Saturday a jogger discovered that Trollpikken was no more, having been felled by an apparent vandal. The video below shows grooves in the rock that appear to be from a drill, as Trollpikken rests sadly on the ground.

Who could’ve done such a thing? Police don’t have any suspects, but are looking for tips from the public, according to The Guardian.

Locals, meanwhile, have been busy raising money to have the rock repaired, getting the equivalent of $20,000 already, according to HuffPost, or about two-thirds of what they requested.

Which means that, soon enough, Trollpikken will probably be back, with the aid of some helicopters, bolts, and mortar.

And while the vandal may never be caught and their intentions remain unknown, they’ve assured that Trollpikken is now more famous than it’s ever been, meaning that Eigersund’s plan to use the rock to attract tourists just got a huge boost.