A goat hanging out in knitwear. (All photos: Alexander Gorlizki)

A goat in a natty blue sweater stares impassively into the distance as he is photographed by Brooklyn-based artist Alexander Gorlizki. In areas of Jaipur, India, it is common to see the goats wandering around in their coats and knitwear, according to Gorlizki, and he should know—he’s been photographing the goats on his trips to Jaipur since 2008.

The clothing is strictly a practical choice—it keeps the goats warm in cold winters and when sleeping on stone floors. However, “the goats in their coats and sweaters always look relaxed and rather stylish,” says Gorlizki.

We couldn’t agree more. While this column is usually just one photo, we could resist adding a few extras.