Skull Ice Cube Tray

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The fervor for “artisanal ice” is one of the more mind-boggling trends of late. While there is something pleasing about having a large, solid ice cube to keep a stiff drink chilled, the price of ordering the craft cocktail that accompanies it is often not. And, as Mother Jones reported a few years back, our thirst for specialty ice isn’t exactly energy-efficient, either.

Which is why I’m a fan of making “fancy” ice cubes at home—for the most part, they only take as much effort to produce as regular ice cubes. I especially love this 3D skull-shaped ice mold, which simultaneously appeals to my gothic sensibilities. The detailing on the skulls looks remarkable for something that came out of my humble freezer. As one enthusiastic online reviewer put it, these cubes are “fun and creepy.”

What’s more, the trays aren’t limited to plain ice. You can fill the molds with chocolate, or fruit, or anything you can dream up. And since they’re silicone, they wash easily. Now, if you’ll excuse me, this skull-chilled absinthe isn’t going to drink itself.

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