Here at Atlas Obscura, it’s our belief that hidden wonders aren’t just found in big cities. Noteworthy histories, legends, and life are equally abundant in America’s small towns, with surprises lurking around every corner.

As the definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders, Atlas Obscura is dedicated to telling these stories. In our new series, Small Town, Big Story, made in conjunction with Brand USA, Atlas Obscura cofounder Dylan Thuras travels to three of these amazing places around the country, and has a little fun along the way.

The Last Ice Harvest in America

Each February, residents of South Bristol, Maine, celebrate a tradition frozen in time since 1826.

Meet the People Behind Vermont’s Radical Puppet Theater

In a hidden corner of Vermont, a storied puppet theater company is making (and baking) history.

The Idaho Town Where Thousands of Sheep Walk Through the Streets Every Autumn

We join in a singular celebration that follows thousands of sheep through the streets of Sun Valley in Idaho.

Sponge Capital of the World

We dive head first into the fascinating legacy of Greek sponge divers in the charming coastal town of Tarpon Springs.

The Olympics of the Forest

We get our hands dirty - and our feet wet - alongside some of the world’s most skilled in all-things chopping - and rolling, and scaling - lumber.

The Chili Capital of the World

We explore the world of Hatch chilis - and meet the farmers and community in this New Mexico town known best for bringing them to life - one tingly, tasty, spicy bite at a time.

Home of the Mushrooms

Welcome to Kennett Square, the vibrant town producing over 70% of America’s mushrooms.

Bridge Day

One day each year in Fayetteville, scores of people throw caution to the wind and jump off a bridge.

Fly a Kite

We learn the kite ballet and soar to new heights at the annual kite festival in the blustery seaside town of Morro Bay.

The Town of Storytellers

Welcome to the storytelling capital of the world, where the town itself and everyone in it has a story to tell.

The Giant Omelet of Abbeville

If there’s one thing that the town of Abbeville can teach you, it’s that you can’t make a good Cajun omelet without breaking a ‘few’ eggs - over 5,000 of them.

Texas SandFest

We bring our imagination to life and sculpt a turtle-themed masterpiece at America’s biggest native sand sculpture competition.

Home of the Hot Springs

Our soak in one of the world’s largest hot springs comes hard earned from getting down and dirty with ranch work and dinosaur fossils.

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