On the gray days of a fickle spring, when rain or the pollen count has driven you indoors, this time-lapse video is here to remind you of the good things the season brings. Jamie Scott’s four-minute video starts off with amaryllis blooming, then continues: grape hyacinth, daffodils, tulips, cherry trees, and more. It’s a virtual walk through a magical spring day—one that took Scott three years to record.

Those three years of work generated an insane amount of images: about eight terabytes of 5K-resolution footage. Scott documented the flowers in a makeshift studio, and filmed cherry blossoms in Central Park, with just three opportunities each year to get shots just right. He used a sliding rig to make them look continuous, and some composite images to bring in Central Park.

Scott has some experience with this kind of work. He is a visual effects artist, has worked on commercials, and released a fall time-lapse back in 2012, also set in Central Park. Taking several years to capture a single day of a season—it seems to be a bit of a specialty for him.