The Yeovil Show is an annual fair in southwest England that, if you’re American, is a whole lot like one of the county fairs that happen every year across the United States. There are sheep, and dog agility contests, and a hot air balloon, and food, lots of food. There are also food competitions, such as those that honor the best cheddars—Yeovil is just an hour from the village of Cheddar.

This year’s competition, which took place this past weekend, saw a lot of cheeses win prizes; the cheddars are judged based on age, since the longer cheddar ages, the sharper it is. But only one took home best-in-show, a vintage cheddar made by Wyke Farms. It was promptly stolen on Saturday night, along with another winning Wyke cheddar.

“They left all the other cheeses and just took ours,” the Wyke cheesemaker Rich Clothier told The Guardian. “It’s disappointing … It took around a year-and-a-half to make those cheeses. They are among the best we have ever produced.”

The cheeses are said to be worth around £800, or about $1,000, and the theft would have been been no mean task. Clothier compared it to carrying a “bag of sand,” owing to their size and weight.

Do you know where the cheeses are? You should speak up. Clothier is offering a £500 reward for information leading to their safe return. The third-generation cheesemaker misses his prize-winning bricks.

“These cheeses could be considered masterpieces,” Clothier told The Guardian. “It’s a bit like having a valuable painting stolen.”

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