Antique photographs can make for an unforgettable collection.
Antique photographs can make for an unforgettable collection. Fabien Barral/Public Domain

I’ve accrued and disposed of a number of personal collections over the years. Action figures, comic books, book-books, trading cards. These days, my most idiosyncratic collection is probably my run of Vintage edition paperbacks of Philip K. Dick novels. The covers of those specific editions, with their garish early computer graphics and screaming neon palettes, perfectly suit Dick’s retro-dystopian sci-fi. I’m trying to assemble the complete collection by hunting through used books stores, though I’ll usually pick up any older copy of Dick’s novels when I get the chance.

Clearly, I tend to collect books, but we’re curious about Atlas Obscura readers’ collecting habits. You might collect antique kitchen equipment, or signed photos of Paul Reiser, or… the sky’s the limit, really, knowing what a diverse and passionate group you all are. Whatever it is that you collect, we want to hear about it.

Fill out the form below to tell us what you collect, why you think your unusual subject is so special, and whether you think your collection will ever be finished. Then email your best, original image of your collection to, with the subject line, “Greatest Collections.” We’ll showcase some of our favorites in an upcoming article. Let the unusual collection of obscure collections begin!