The life-size Ben Franklin statue on Boston’s Freedom Trail is getting old, it’s true.

It’s 160 years old, to be exact, so let’s just say its youth is a distant memory. His skin isn’t what it used to be, and his mobility, well, let’s just say he has trouble. He mostly doesn’t move, in fact, perched atop a base downtown in front of Old City Hall.

On Monday, the statue suffered another unfortunate side effect of old age: an unexpected fall. Ben was felled by a tent, which had been shoved into the statue by the wind. He could not get up, and situation was so dire, the Boston Globe reports, that officials were seen at the scene carrying Ben off in a “body bag.” 

But Ben isn’t dead; he’s just in for some convalescence, officials said. He’ll be back, and, with some repairs, better than ever. For now, though, say a prayer for one of our Founding Fathers. It’s already been a rough week.