Here we have a bear—a cub, actually, from the looks of it—that somehow found itself trapped inside of a station wagon. 

“How did he get in?” A deputy says on the video. “I don’t see a broken window.”

How did he get in? Nobody knows!

But bears are known to be very smart. Presumably this bear would have to count as one of the smarter ones, having somehow opened a car door and closed it behind him. 

A black bear cub in Yellowstone National Park. (Photo: RikkisRefuge Other/CC BY 2.0)

The bear got into the car Monday night outside of Denver, according to National Geographic. And the officer you see in the video—from the Jefferson County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office—freed the bear Tuesday, giving the beast several hours to destroy the car’s interior. 

But this bear, I think it’s safe to say, earned it, while also providing everyone with a reminder that if you’re in bear country, simply closing your car doors at night might not be nearly enough.