In Finland, saunas are a big deal. And the country already has a lot of them—over two million, in fact, or one sauna for every 2.7 residents. 

There, you go to the sauna to bond with friends, be alone with your thoughts, have a baby, or just sweat out your frustrations. And you’ll find them all over, from the Finnish parliament to your own workplace.

So no one much batted an eye last year when Burger King opened a sauna at one of its franchises in Helsinki, according to the Associated Press. Don’t worry, it’s not for eating. Think of it more as a space to pregame. 

“No, no, the sauna is for sweating it out, and our hamburgers taste all the better for it afterward,” a spokeswoman told the AP

Makes sense, though using it might set you back a bit: it costs up to €300 for a group, or around $350. Whoppers, sadly, are not included. 

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