In the past few months, the street artist who goes by Mows (pronounced “mouse”) arrived in Minneapolis and started installing tiny doors all around the city. These little pieces have included a Prince-themed door, a panda door, a Pac Man door, a bunny-face door and many, many others—Mows has created about 60 in total.

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Now, maybe tiny doors aren’t your thing; maybe you find them just a little bit twee. Most people would take such an opinion and moan a bit to their friends and family. But one man in Minneapolis has taken it upon himself not just to complain about the tiny doors but to get rid of them.

As City Pages reports, a man who has posted under the Instagram handle “urstreetartsux” (the account is no longer active) went around the city with a screwdriver and hammer and took down about a dozen of Mows’ doors. The man called himself the “graffiti task force” and referred to Mows’ installations as “the rat infestation.”

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Who could this monster be? Recently a Minneapolis business apparently caught him on surveillance tape: The suspect is, reports City Pages, “a white guy with a black shirt, slate grey pants and dark hair” and has a “noticeably belabored gait.”

All villains have motivations, naturally, but it’s hard to imagine how one’s agitation at cute little doors could rise to this level of vitriol.

Unless of course this is all just, you know, art.