Don't listen to Yoda! You can indeed try each of these desserts.

Don’t listen to Yoda! You can indeed try each of these desserts. (Image: Faith & Flower/Instagram)

Star Wars fans: you can’t watch The Force Awakens until December, and you can’t go to Star Wars Land until… sometime later than that. But if you’re in L.A., for a limited time, you can eat a bonbon modeled after a Death Star.

A restaurant called Faith & Flower, ordinarily known for their classy steaks and flaming absinthe cart, has imported a series of desserts from a galaxy far, far away. Through December, Jedi in the know who ask for the off-menu dessert board will be able to mock-duel with a candy lightsaber, “rescue” Han Solo from a block of chocolate, and sink their teeth into the heads of Vader and a stormtrooper. 

Even the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy can't escape the black hole of a hungry mouth!

The fastest hunk of chocolate in the galaxy. (Image: Faith & Flower/Instagram)

Pastry chef Josh Graves, the mastermind behind this, is the sweetest kind of geek. Other recent triumphs include a pastry Hulk that bursts out of the table, and an Andre the Giant cake for street artist Shepard Fairey. His bite-sized Millennium Falcon is detailed enough to satisfy the most hardcore fans—that is, if they examine it at all, rather than flying it at light speeds into their mouths. 

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