On Wednesday evening, a Danish cargo ship ran into a vicious storm on its way back from China, losing five containers in the process. As a result, this morning, kids on the German island of Langeoog woke up to a treat—thousands of colorful plastic eggs scattered across the shore.

The tide line was strewn with the baubles, each with a toy inside. Residents immediately took to this sea-sponsored scavenger hunt, filling bags with the treasures, The Local reports

By the afternoon, the egg cleanup was complete, but the ocean had more presents for the island’s kiddos. Legos—much harder to gather, and dangerous to sea creatures—were washing ashore. “This isn’t funny anymore,” the mayor said. What’s next?

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Update, 1/6: The original version of this article called the plastic eggs “Kinder Eggs”—we have been informed that they actually “were not manufactured by Kinder or any other Ferrero brands.” We regret the error.