In the bakery aisle of a Tesco supermarket in Coventry, England, a vigilante poetry-lover left a surprise, as the Coventry Telegraph reports.

There, near the bread, was a printed poem entitled “Bread,” by W.S. Merwin, a prolific modern American poet. It begins:

Each face in the street is a slice of bread
wandering on

somewhere in the light the true hunger
appears to be passing them by
they clutch

Elsewhere in the store, another poem appeared. This one was entitled “Deer” and came from “A Bestiary,” by Kenneth Rexroth.

Deer are gentle and graceful
And they have beautiful eyes.
They hurt no one but themselves,
The males, and only for love.

There are few clues as to who might be leaving these poems about, but in December, the same Tesco had another rash of vigilante notes left on its shelves. The December notes targeted diet drink products, like SlimFast, and told would-be buyers “You don’t need these chemicals” and “Stop counting calories! You look great.” 

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