Earlier this year, at a spot north of Liverpool on England’s west coast, a piece of land emerged from the water. Made of shale and stone, this little spit of an island became a local object of intrigue, as visitors and locals would jetski out to see it.

Now, though, two jetskiers have made a bid to claim it as their own. 

Ross Spence and Micah Jebb have named the island Rosmic, an amalgamation of their first names.

“Micah and myself were talking about the island over dinner and thought we would put a name on it – so everyone knows what it’s called,” Spence told The Star.

The island may not be exactly new, though. Spence found in his research that this area was once dredged to improve accessibility for shipping. The new island is the recurrence of the old balance.

In fact, it may already have a name: as the Blackpool Gazette reports, old ocean charts show a piece of land in the same spot, called Kingscar Bank.