Sure, San Francisco is pretty cool on its own. But don’t you sometimes wish that when you landed there, you could be greeted by a pig in a pilot’s hat and a tutu?

You’re in luck—San Francisco Airport has recently brought in a new volunteer just for you. Her name is LiLou, and she’s got a snout, four trotters, and impeccable credentials.

LiLou, who joined up in October, is a relatively new member of the airport’s Wag Brigade, a group of specially trained therapy animals whose job is to keep travelers calm and happy. She is a Juliana-breed pig—the smallest kind—and her human companion describes her as a “city pig” who loves people.

All Wag Brigade members are Animal Assisted Therapy-certified, trained by the San Francisco SPCA. LiLou passed her SPCA training this past spring, impressing her trainers with a repertoire of 10+ tricks, including playing the piano. In doing so, she became the city’s first-ever therapy pig.

With this new job, she has broken yet another ceiling—LiLou is “believed to be the only airport porker in the country,” the Mercury News reports. (Her Brigade co-workers are mostly cats, dogs, and rabbits.) She was hired for her good demeanor, extensive costume collection, and “overall cuteness.” And yes, her nails always look like that.

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