On the last day of August, farmer Ari Smith of Colorado Springs watched as a sow named Babe gave birth to a litter of six. As the piglets tumbled out, she noticed that one of them wasn’t like the others—he had underdeveloped back legs, far too short to support even his tiny body. Smith figured his mother would leave him to die.

But this piglet wasn’t giving up that easily. “I watched as he figured out how to walk on his front legs in a matter of a few minutes,” Smith wrote on her website, Colorado Cutie Pigs. She named the little guy Miracle, and at nearly a month old, he’s still going strong. Video footage from NBC4 shows him trotting nimbly among his boring, four-legged siblings, like a small pink and gray acrobat. 

As Miracle gets older and bigger, he will likely need some assistance. According to her website, Smith is in the process of finding a wheelchair for him, but she’s also looking for help supporting him more permanently. “I really want him to go to somebody that can deal with his issues on top of being a pig,” she told NBC4

For now, though, Miracle is hot to trot. ”He doesn’t know anything is wrong with him,” Smith says. “He just thinks this is normal, how he walks.”

We think you’re normal too, Miracle. Normal, except better. 

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