At Atlas Obscura we spend our days searching out hidden wonders throughout the world. Sometimes we find amazing places right in front of us. For Project Re-Use, we teamed up with the Cadillac ATS to explore some incredible spaces that were rescued from disrepair and interview the people who gave these spaces new life.

Called an “Oasis in Hollywood” by Brad Pitt, the Velaslavasay theater and exhibition hall is the singular vision of Sara Velas, an artist interested in how our ideas of entertainment and the moving image have changed over the years. 

With this in mind Sara found an old theater, one of the earliest made for movies, and turned it into the Velaslavasay Panorama. Unused as a theater since the 1950s, the panorama has been converted it into a space where new ideas, exhibitions, and performances take a deep look at the way we have entertained ourselves, both past and present.

-Dylan, Co-Founder of Atlas Obscura

“This post is in partnership with Cadillac