Cheeks getting loose? Chin feeling droopy? Then it might be time to try Facercise, a healthy alternative to plastic surgery brought to you by licensed esthetician Carole Maggio in this 1996 VHS clip. The rich and famous apparently have to pay thousands for her personal instruction, but you can get a how-to on the Nasal Labial Smoother for free!

In the video, Maggio demonstrates one of her 13 synergistic exercises designed to improve and restore appearance. She diligently counts off and reminds facercisers, “tight tight tight tight tight” and “push push push push push push push push push push push push push.”

Maggio, now 68, is still going strong, with a spa and skin care line, according to her website, Her latest innovation? No Lipo Lipo, a deep knuckle cellulite reduction treatment.

Now get facercising!

A shout out to Found Footage Fest for unearthing this skincare bedrock.

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