There is a scene in the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road in which Immortan Joe’s army rides into battle upon their modified hot rods and warrior wagons. One of the most distinctive vehicles in his army is equal parts intimidating and hilarious: the Doof Wagon, upon which stands the Doof Warrior and his flamethrowing guitar.

Funny or otherwise, the shots of the warrior and his pimped out guitar riding into battle are among the film’s most memorable. What makes it even more impressive is that both the Doof Wagon and the Doof Warrior’s guitar are fully functional—those are not CGI flames.

Whether or not YouTuber and inventor Colin Furze’s flamethrowing guitar was inspired by Mad Max at all, the resulting invention and Furze’s frantic energy are certainly reminiscent of the Doof Warrior and his guitar. In addition to the updated guitar, the video above features another of Furze’s inventions: the smoking bass.

If you skip to around 1:30, you’ll see Furze clamber up onto the roof of his house, where he continues to play his flamethrowing guitar. Imagine looking out your window and seeing your neighbor doing that

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