In remote Siberia, north of the Russian border with Mongolia, is Lake Baikal. Baikal teems with weird and wonderful lifeforms, and many believe subterranean monsters swim around its depths. The freshwater lake is more than 5,000 meters deep.

On the surface are miles and miles of ice surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Sometimes there’s also a man, playing the ice. As this video by Youtube user “Permafrostvideo” demonstrates, the ice on Lake Baikal has a mysterious sonic quality that creates a soft sound reminiscent of a steel drum played on a Caribbean beach. 

The player lunges down and, without much rhythm or timing, knocks the jagged pieces of ice. Perhaps the size or angle of the ice determines the note, for each bang produces a different note.

Locals discovered the musical powers of the ice by accident. These percussionists went on to make a video that io9 disputed was even real. The article questioned the whereabouts of recording equipment and why only this section of the ice made such a harmonious noise. 

The video still lacks recording equipment, but certainly seems to be shot in a different location. And, it would be an elaborate hoax for an enjoyable yet amateurish video. Lake Baikal is the lake that keeps on giving. 

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