Deadly flooding this year in Louisiana has been a slow-moving disaster for the state, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents and causing millions in damage. 

It got pretty bad, in other words, though not for everyone, including, in the video above, two truckers who decided to drive on through. 

The video of the first trucker seems, in the beginning, to be mostly surreal. Shot by someone on a boat, you at first see a huge wave in the distance, quickly approaching. Then, the truck comes into view, calmly moving down the interstate, leaving a huge wake. 

At the 1:50 minute-mark, the video takes an even stranger twist, as you see a red truck in the opposite side of the highway—but going in the same direction as the blue truck—quickly pass the blue truck, never to be seen again. 

What’s going on here? It’s hard to say. The video was posted two days ago to the Facebook account of the Walker, Louisiana Police Department. They say it was shot on Interstate 12, where the blue truck was traveling in the westbound lanes, while the red truck was traveling west in the eastbound lanes. (Early in the video, you can see that the eastbound lanes are considerably less flooded, which probably accounts for the red truck’s speed.) 

That’s all the information the police could provide, though. At the moment, it’s just another strange artifact from this year’s floods: two trucks, a mountain of water, and gutsy determination.