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Watch a Sea Snail Swallow a Fish Whole

The seemingly innocuous Conus is in fact a venomous killing machine.

We fear things that we don’t understand, but occasionally we come across things that we do understand that are still terrifying. The Conus is one of these things. 

The Conus is a genus of carnivorous sea snails that prey on everything from marine worms to small bottom-dwelling fish. All Conus snails are venomous, and therefore capable of stinging human beings. Smaller snails can deliver stings no worse than a bee sting, but larger snails have stings that are incredibly toxic and can be fatal to humans. 

The video above shows you how a larger Conus species feeds. That elongated tongue-like organ which it extends from itself in an effort to grab the fish is actually a tooth. If you skip to around the 1:40 mark, you’ll see the snail swallow the fish whole. Happy Monday!

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