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Watch One Man Walk 1,630 Feet Across the Utah Sky

Théo Sanson is quite the slackliner.

Mondays might make you feel at your worst. But folks like Théo Sanson remind us that we can do anything. All one needs is a committed support crew and some serious gumption.

On November 15, 2015, Frenchman Théo Sanson walked high in the air along nearly 500 meters (1,630 feet) of slackline. Slackline is a flat webbing with far less tension than a tightrope, allowing for more bounce and stretch. Sanson’s line extended between two of Castle Valley Utah’s towering edifices: The Rectory and Castleton Tower, which both rise 400 feet. You can see members of his 15-person team standing atop each of the two soaring sandstone skyscrapers, watching Sanson’s each step.

And not to worry, he’s wearing a safety harness. 

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