Air bubbles that percolate and dance beneath clear sheets of ice make for one hypnotizing phenomenon.

Set to calming music, this five-minute clip of frozen-over rivers and streams in Alaska captures flowing water in a unique state. During the coldest months of winter, the shallow waters are completely frozen. Here, the ice is thin and water rushes beneath the surface.

Some bubbles bunch together giving off the image of broken shards of glass, while others trickle along with the flow of water, their shapes morphing like the fluid membranes of cells or amoebas.

Other incredible things can be found below ice. On frozen lakes, people have even been able to skate over crystal clear ice and get a rare glimpse at wildlife, like in this video of a turtle in a pond in Massachusetts.

The best conditions to see flowing bubbles under ice in person is in a few inches of gently running water around fall or spring, according to Alaska Dispatch News. Relax during your lunch break today or get your mind off of hot summer days by following these beautiful bubbles flowing with the running water.

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