It takes two to tango. Sometimes it also takes a giant pool.

In this video posted on Vimeo by Freediving Dancer, a couple’s choreographed creation becomes a little more fluid when it goes underwater.

The woman in the video is Marisa Cecchetti, an Italian dancer trained in countless genres of dance—classical, hip-hop, and break dancing, to name a few—and who’s been a certified diver since 1997, having completed more than 100 dives in what she says are some of the most challenging and beautiful bodies of water around the world. 

The tango takes place in Y-40, an indoor pool in a hotel in Montegrotto Terme, Italy that claims to be the world’s deepest pool at 40 meters (131 feet). There’s more than enough space for these intertwined two to twist and twirl.

According to Cecchetti’s website, the water temperature (34 degrees Celsius, or about 93 degrees Fahrenheit) provides the optimal conditions for letting her body relax and her movements to be as smooth as possible—that is, until she has to come up for air.

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