This time-lapse video of a rainbow forming over the island of O’ahu in Hawaii expertly captures one of Mother Nature’s most uplifting feats. In a true display of companionship, the first rainbow is soon joined by a second fainter rainbow.

Shot between just after 3 p.m. to about 4 p.m. by YouTuber Dallas Nagata White, the time-lapse from December 2014 centers on the neighborhood of Salt Lake in Honolulu.

Because of the hot rays of the sun and the cool rain clouds over the mountains, rainbows are a common occurrence in Hawaii. But its nickname, “The Rainbow State,” is also a testament to Hawaii’s rich mix of cultural traditions and identities, a result of a blending of nationalities and ethnic backgrounds on the island.

Rainbows like this are a reminder of the healing that can begin after a violent tempest has passed.