In the future, we will live in a world in which we don’t have to do the dishes. Instead, we will give our used kitchenware to our household robots, who will take care of all of the scraps and residue with laser beam eyes. Having to continually scrub the irritating crust that sticks to the bottom of the baking tray after you’ve made a batch of muffins will be a preoccupation of the past. 

The beginning of this Jetsons-esque future has arrived; large scale kitchens and bakeries now have access to the ingenious contraption featured in the video above. The laser beam simply burns off all of the crust stuck on the bottom of the tray, and a nozzle above suctions the waste away simultaneously.

This video is immensely satisfying; not only can you watch all the dirt being burned off in clean laser lines, you can actually hear the food waste being cleaned away.

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