Ghost snake? Blank snake? Plain snake? An incredibly rare snake with pure white scales has been discovered in Australia, but the real mystery might be what to call it. (It’s not albino, for one thing.)

The snake was handed over in June to authorities at the Territory Wildlife Park in the country’s Northern Territory. The snake is commonly known as a slatey grey snake, which are usually brown in color, but this one suffers from a genetic mutation known as leucism, resulting in a lack of pigmentation, according to USA Today. (A true albino snake would have pink eyes, which this snake does not.)

The park said it was taking measures to protect it.

“The nocturnal snake will be placed in quarantine at the Park to ensure it is free of any nasties,” the park said in a statement after the snake was found, “and then be put on display for everyone to marvel at.”

There is no word, alas, on what they will be calling it. My humble suggestion? Milk Snake.