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Why All Of Minneapolis Woke Up At The Same Time This Morning

The city’s emergency sirens all went off at once for no reason.

Minneapolis, early in the morning.

Minneapolis, early in the morning. (Photo: skeeze/CC0)

Even infrastructure has to let loose sometimes.

Around 6:10 a.m., Minneapolis’s civil defense sirens all went off at once, jolting much of the citizenry out of bed and to their windows—where they found clear skies, empty roads, and a distinct overall lack of emergency.

“It confused people, [and] caused a flood of 9-1-1 calls to the Minnesota State Patrol Dispatch,” reports ABC 5 Minnesota, who attributed the mistake to “a software malfunction.”

It also set off a rash of morning snark on Twitter. Accidental early-risers used the extra time to wish for snooze buttons, request city-sponsored coffee delivery, and make fun of the Twins.

As the Minneapolis Star Tribune detailed at the time, the city upgraded its emergency warning system in 2014, adding a dozen new sirens and enabling digital activation for the whole shebang.

Because it is “Severe Weather Awareness Week” in Minnesota, residents should expect to hear their favorite wake-up call again on Thursday afternoon at 1:45, just in time for siesta.

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