Order up!
Order up! Mallie’s Grill & Sports Bar

It’s one thing to try and make the world’s largest pizza. Delivering it, though, is a little dicier.

Yet Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar, a restaurant in Southgate, Michigan, took on the challenge of making the world’s largest deliverable pizza. Last week, they cooked a 100-pound pie that they’ll deliver right to your doorstep—provided that your doors are wide enough to accommodate a 6 foot by 6 foot pie. Alternatively, you can order the pizza at Mallie’s, though it’ll cost you and your 100-150 closest friends $300.

Mallie’s proprietor, Steve Mallie, says the restaurant made the extremely large pizza with a special convection oven they fashioned out of a shipping container. They first picked up the 50 pounds of dough from Caprara, a nearby bakery. Next, chefs generously doused the oven’s shelf with cornmeal and flour to keep the dough from becoming soggy and sticky, respectively. They added 35 pounds of sauce, 15 pounds of shredded cheese, and oodles of pepperoni, then plopped it into the oven for roughly two hours, according to local outlet MLive.com.

Mmm, pizza cooking in a specially-made convection oven.
Mmm, pizza cooking in a specially-made convection oven. Mallie’s Grill & Sports Bar

The oven, which is retrofitted with a shelf that acts like a cooking sheet, was first built to shatter another world record: the largest commercially available hamburger. Mallie and company made one that weighs a cool 1,793 pounds.

Since they first unveiled a 10-pound hamburger over a decade ago, Mallie’s has become something of a mecca for oversized-food enthusiasts. “We’ve had a two gallon ice cream sundae, we’ve got two-pound tacos, five-pound burritos, a spicy food challenge,” Mallie says. The restaurant is currently waiting to hear back from Guinness on their world record attempt for the largest commercially available pizza. But given that the current record is 54 inches, it appears they have this one in the bag.

Rolling out 50 pounds of dough for the big pie.
Rolling out 50 pounds of dough for the big pie. Mallie’s Grill & Sports Bar

An actual delivery does require some logistics on the eater’s part. For starters, Mallie’s needs at least a 24-hour notice on weekdays (and a 48-hour notice on weekends) to make the pizza. Mallie’s can deliver the pie via a custom-made box that sits on top of a truck bed, but you’ll need a large enough table. For customers making the effort, Mallie’s is offering a perk: free delivery within five miles of the restaurant.

So far, Mallie says, the restaurant has sold two pies, and there’s more interest every day.

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