The two grenades.
The two grenades. Clarkstown Police Department/Public Domain

On Friday, at the Tappan Zee Manor Nursing Home in Central Nyack, New York—about 25 miles north of Manhattan—two hand grenades were found, perched in the top shelf of a refrigerator door, where one might ordinarily stash a can of Coke or maybe the ketchup. 

Clarkstown (N.Y.) police did not say who made the discovery, or where the grenades came from, except to state that they appeared to be World War II-era devices, and were found in a fridge owned by a 91-year-old man. 

The building was soon evacuated after the discovery while a county bomb squad came and took the grenades away for analysis and disposal. Whether the grenades, one of which was a training grenade, were live is one thing officers are trying to find out. 

It’s also still unclear who they belonged to; the refrigerator’s owner, was ”out for treatment,” when the grenades were found, the police said. 

Please don’t keep grenades, live or otherwise, in your fridge.