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Gallina Campesina

In Ubaté, Colombia, hens get cooked with their unlaid eggs inside.

On the outside, the most striking detail about the chickens known locally as gallinas campesinas is their color: a bright, unnatural yellow. Stacked on top of one another and lit beneath a heat lamp, you can’t tell that each of these birds died an expectant mother, their necks swiftly broken when their eggs became embryos.

A specialty of the Colombian town of Ubaté, these hens are prized for their luscious texture and the rich, savory flavor of the eggs inside. Chefs braise the whole bird over a charcoal stove with aromatics and spices such as onions, thyme, and bay leaves. Right before being served, the chicken is split down the middle, exposing tender flesh and, most importantly, eggs. The nuggets are mostly yolk, have no shell, and make for decadent, chicken broth–infused bites.

Where to Try It
  • This town square is appropriately nicknamed Plaza de la Gallina. It's surrounded by food stalls where you’ll find these chickens alongside another local specialty: stuffed hens' necks.

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