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Maple Seltzer

You can have your syrup and drink it, too.

It takes around 40 gallons of maple sap to produce a gallon of syrup, according to one rule of thumb. You wouldn’t want to pour the un-concentrated stuff on your pancakes, though: Sap right out of the tree is watery and far from sticky-sweet. But if you carbonate that slightly sugary sap, you’ll have yourself a sparkling, lightly sweet beverage. 

This is the premise of several carbonated beverages from the great state of Vermont, a land of flapjacks and maple syrup. Each winter, countless trees are tapped, with a bucket placed against the trunk to collect the dripping sap. The resulting beverage is light and has just a hint of maple syrup taste. If you’re used to pouring syrup on your breakfast, the subtleness might be a bit surprising. That said, you can always opt for maple soda, which is strengthened with a pour of real maple syrup.

Need to Know

You can find maple seltzer in stores and cafes in Vermont. You can also order the seltzer (or maple soda) from Amazon or the websites of the Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Company or Sap!

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