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Maple Creemee

Vermont's version of soft serve celebrates their local dairy and maple industries.

When it comes to featuring local products, Vermont has it made with the Maple Creemee, a swirling tower of maple-flavored soft serve piled high upon a sugar or waffle cone. And while no one is quite clear where and when the term creemee (alternately creamee) came about, the why is apparent upon first lick.

The creemee is the product of Vermont’s robust dairy and maple syrup industries. In addition to finding the frozen treat at shops throughout Vermont and New Hampshire, diners can also sample creemees straight from the source at farmsteads and creameries. Like most soft serve, creemees are lower in fat than traditional ice cream (tapping out at six percent milk fat where ice cream can hit up to 18 percent). During the cooling process, creemees also trap more air than ice cream, turning them into frozen delights that are simultaneously light and rich.

The melty mountains are usually served throughout the summer at stands, festivals, and shops alongside other local products such as maple syrup and fresh-made butter and cheese. Diners looking for a double whammy of New England delights can look for maple creemees sandwiched between a sliced apple cider doughnut. On the simpler side, some cones come sprinkled with maple-sugar dust or maple toffee-style chunks.

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