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Mint Milk

Every March, Central New York shelves are stocked with glass bottles of green dairy.

If you find yourself strolling through a market in Central New York in early March, there’s a good chance you might come across glass bottles of green milk. There’s no need to call the health inspector: This seasonal drink is flavored with mint and colored for the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day holiday.

Byrne Dairy, a producer based in Syracuse, has been making the mint milk since 1976. It starts appearing in Byrne’s own line of convenience stores and a few independent markets in late February and disappears after the March 17 holiday. Locals look forward to this brief window when they can get their hands on the unique milk that’s become a beloved annual tradition. And while green beer abounds every Saint Patrick’s Day, mint milk is a festively-hued holiday treat that can be enjoyed by all ages.