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Meet Japan's first milk soda.

Have you ever wished your milk came with a bit of fizz? Seek out Skal, a blend of soda and skim milk in Japan.

While it might sound unorthodox to some palates, fizzy milk has a long history. Thousands of years ago, Mongolian nomads allowed their mares’ milk to ferment, creating the tangy, effervescent beverage known as kumis. And while it may not date back quite that far, Skal has shown some serious staying power. It’s been on the market since the 1970s.

Coming in flavors such as citrus, apple, or melon, the soda has a fruity-creamy taste. Most reviews attempt to capture this balance, comparing it to everything from a “lemon egg cream” to “yogurt and Sprite.”

Need to Know

Outside of its home country, Skal can be found in Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket chain. Locations are listed on its website.

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