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Teaberry Ice Cream

This Pennsylvania specialty sometimes looks like Pepto-Bismol and smells like Bengay.

Teaberry ice cream tastes neither like tea nor berries. The teaberry has a minty, spicy flavor that some remember as an old-timey favorite, while others liken artificially-flavored versions to Bengay (a pain reliever made with lab-produced wintergreen oil). These crimson, pea-sized fruits grow off an evergreen plant native to New England, and Pennsylvanians love them in ice cream form. 

Their shocking pink hue and medicinal flavor make for a polarizing treat, though the berries were once ubiquitous. In addition to occasional appearances in candies, cure-alls, teas, and wine, the D.L. Clark Company produced a teaberry gum that peaked in popularity during the 1960s. Although teaberry fever has subsided, Pennsylvania hasn’t given up on the fragrant fruit. Harrisburg-based ice cream company Hershey’s (no relation to the candy company) still sells a teaberry ice cream.

Teaberry ice cream is often a seasonal offering among smaller companies, as the berries ripen during mid-autumn. Keep an eye out for the Pepto-Bismol pink color at creameries throughout the Mid-Atlantic, but expect to find the bulk of the frozen teaberry confections in Pennsylvania.

Need to Know

You're unlikely to find teaberry ice cream outside of Northeastern states. It's available at select creameries throughout the Mid-Atlantic, but is most readily found in Pennsylvania.

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